May 6, 2010

How to talk to people about your business
I was doing the call Monday going over the secret of how
to multiply your efforts in your biz by 100%…

So many times we think it is something so complicated
that it has to be some ancient secret to become successful..

Other times we struggle so long we forget that success is
supposed to be easy…

It is supposed to be simple…

But unfortunately we don’t work principle, we work hard…

I was reading the book the four hour work week and there
was a quoet talking about how you can use any idea’s to
become successful.

But idea’s outside of principle NEVER WORK!

So here is a principle it is called the carpenter
contractor principle…

The carpenter asks the questions….

What do you need me to do…==> He then goes and does it…

The contractor asks ” Who can I get to do this, then
he asks, how much profit will I make it when he does…”

The difference in questions in a hidden secret to your

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