November 20, 2011

I joined the empower network this week. I have been online for about 5 years and have never been able to be successful. I have profiles all over the internet myspace, twitter and facebook and various other social sites. I had not been able to secure a good following. I was about to give up and stop trying to make money online. I aspired to be inspiring and I had failed, miserably. One morning I clicked on a link from Tracey Walker a MLM guru who I had been following for a couple of years and I was inspired.

I feel like this is the system that I have been looking for a easy duplicable system and I am learning a tremendous amount about the industry from the leaders. I am being trained by a guru. I make daily blogs and I get traffic to my blog that is my job and it is working. I am getting paid and I have a new business and a merchant account and I can accept credit cards directly to my bank account.
I had not heard of Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe but they speak to everyone from the newbie to the guru.

I feel like this is going to work and make me successful and help me to help a lot of people in the world and in my state. This is the perfect funded proposal and that is not hype but there is a energy about Davd Wood and he is willing to share his genius and his blessing with the world. http://ibourl.com/fud


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